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Upgrade your property with our reliable and experienced team of home exterior remodelers. We specialize in professional exterior services like roof repair, deck and porch construction. Our high-quality services will increase your home's value, appeal, and functionality. We provide personalized home exterior renovations tailored to your unique needs and vision.
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Our friendly team of exterior home remodeling specialists works together with our clients in a cooperative design-build process, creating a smooth and well-organized plan for transforming your living space.

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Premium Quality, Affordable Approach: We deliver high quality home exterior remodeling results from start to finish, ensuring your budget accommodates high-quality materials for long-lasting and impressive transformations.

BLC Remodeling Contractor offers exterior home remodeling and new construction services that go beyond what clients expect.

Your home's exterior creates the first impression. We can make your house visually appealing and practical.
We complete your project to the highest standard by using a professional approach and paying attention to detail.
We use the latest techniques and modern designs to ensure your project is done correctly.

What are the most demanded Exterior Remodeling Services?


  • Roof Replacement & Repair: Our team tackles common issues like leaks, damaged shingles, and aging materials, using the latest roofing techniques and high-quality materials to protect your home and enhance curb appeal.
  • Siding Installation & Repair: Choose from an array of durable and low-maintenance siding materials like vinyl, wood, and fiber cement, addressing common problems such as rot, fading, and energy efficiency.
  • Window & Door Replacement: Upgrade to energy-efficient windows and doors that improve insulation, reduce energy bills, and provide a fresh new look for your home.
  • Deck & Porch Construction: Create inviting outdoor living spaces with custom-designed decks and porches that suit your lifestyle and complement your home's architectural style.
  • Landscaping & Hardscaping: Enhance your property with professionally designed landscaping and hardscaping features, including walkways and retaining walls.

Choose BLC Remodeling, a reputable construction company near you in Bellevue WA, for a remarkable exterior remodeling experience that increases your home's curb appeal, functionality, and value. Get in touch with us now to talk about how we can upgrade your home's exterior, creating a stunning and welcoming space you'll love.

Discover the Most Common Exterior Renovations

  1. Roof replacement or repair: Upgrading or fixing damaged shingles, tiles, or metal roofing to protect your home from the elements and improve curb appeal.
  2. Siding replacement or repair: Updating or repairing siding materials like vinyl, wood, or fiber cement to enhance your home's appearance and energy efficiency.
  3. Window replacement: Installing energy-efficient windows to reduce heat loss, lower energy bills, and improve aesthetics
  4. Door replacement: Swapping out old or damaged doors with new, energy-efficient, secure entry doors to boost curb appeal and security.
  5. Deck and porch construction or renovation: Building or refurbishing decks, porches, and patios to create functional outdoor living spaces.
  6. Exterior painting: Applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls, trim, and shutters to revitalize your home's appearance and protect it from weather-related damage.
  7. Landscaping and hardscaping: Enhancing your home's exterior with well-planned landscaping, including planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, as well as adding hardscape elements like walkways, retaining walls, and decorative features.
  8. Fence installation or repair: Building or mending fences to improve security, privacy, and curb appeal.
  9. Gutter replacement or repair: Installing or fixing gutters and downspouts to ensure proper water drainage and prevent damage to your home's foundation and exterior.
  10. Driveway and walkway repair or installation: Repairing or installing new driveways and walkways made from concrete, asphalt, pavers, or other materials to enhance your home's accessibility and appearance.
  11. Wall insulation: This popular exterior renovation focuses on installing high-quality insulating materials within the home walls. This upgrade enhances energy efficiency, minimizes heat loss, and maintains a comfortable indoor environment.

Choose BLC Remodeling exterior renovation contractor for a professional remodeling experience that elevates your home value and design.
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    BLC Remodeling

    Matt Compston
    Matt Compston
    Absolutely incredible experience with Bogdan and BLC Remodeling! They completed remodeling of three and a half baths for us. Top quality craftsmanship, delivered all work on time, highly responsive and communicative, and the crew was a pleasure to have around! Helpful beginning to end in all steps of process. THANK YOU! We will only be calling them for all future work!
    Julie Krueger
    Julie Krueger
    Bogdan and his crew are the BEST!! Skilled craftsmen, trusted, professional and knowledgeable. I had two bathrooms renovated at a condo unit. One had to be completely gutted due to an old leak - so they remediated the water damage, reframed where needed and transitioned the bathroom from a tub/shower combo to a walk-in shower. Their workmanship, expertise and attention to detail is fantastic. I greatly appreciated all the communication and photos during the demolition phase so we could confer immediately on decisions based on what was uncovered because of the water damage and then the crew could continue with their progress. They were willing to work within my budget on both bathrooms and offered solutions and different options that worked to accomplish the overall remodeling goals. And a huge bonus, when I sought guidance on some side projects outside of the bathroom remodels (construction projects in the kitchen and living room), they accommodated without hesitation to add to their schedule while they were on-site. I highly recommend Bogdan and his crew. In fact, I'm looking for additional projects so I get the opportunity to work with them again.
    Matt Lundquist
    Matt Lundquist
    We’ve used BLC Remodeling for 3 different projects, the most recent of which was a remodel of our kitchen and two bathrooms. Bogdan and crew are extremely knowledgeable, meticulous, professional, experienced and they go above and beyond to ensure that every last detail is perfect and that their customers are satisfied. We could not have been happier with the outcome of our project which included extensive tile work on the kitchen backsplash and on both bathrooms’ floors and walls, kitchen cabinet refinishing from stained wood to white painted (which made the cabinets look brand new), installation of new vanities, tub, shower and all other bathroom fixtures as well as some additional exterior work including replacing siding and trim. They walked us through every step in the process, offered great recommendations, and ensured we were involved in all decisions. They’re polite, respectful, passionate about their work, and just a nice, fun group to be around. We’d recommend BLC Remodeling for any remodel needs. They’ve handled all of our projects in a professional, caring and comprehensive way. Thank you, Bogdan and crew!
    John Martin
    John Martin
    Our neighbors recommended BLC Remodeling so we knew we would be getting quality workmanship. Bogdan and his team surpassed all expectations. They were professional and caring and answered all our questions. I would give them a 10 star rating if I could. Our bathroom was transformed into exactly what we had wished for. The tile work is perfect. The new shower and tub are beautiful. Their work was impeccable and they finished on time. They cleaned up the site at the end of each day and went over and above in every aspect of the entire project. I would highly recommend BLC Remodeling for any remodeling project.
    Neha Singh
    Neha Singh
    We had a great experience working with John and Ben on our bathroom remodeling! They were very accommodating, listened to our concerns and got the work done on time. The quality of the work done was great! They are responsive and quick to return calls/messages. They work with you to figure out how to resolve any issues that come up throughout the project and we really appreciated them helping walk us through some critical decisions. We found a small issue after the renovation was complete and they promptly came to look into it and fix it!
    Union City Beach House
    Union City Beach House
    I can unequivocally recommend BLC Remodeling! Our expectations were exceeded across the board. After meeting with Ben and discussing our options, we were presented with a very reasonable cost proposal as well as clever suggestions on how we could save money and source well priced materials. We got bids from 3 other contractors but we sensed red flags with those guys so choosing BLC was easy. Importantly when the job was completed on time and on schedule, there were no surprises and no inflated costs for the changes that were decided on. In fact the costs were lower than I even would have expected. When it comes to a bath remodel, these guys are talented, creative and meticulous. I liked that they do the greater majority of the work themselves and not to many subs are in the picture. The guys (Ben, Bob and George) showed up at 8:30 sharp every day and hustled all day. Every interaction was pleasant and cheerful! When issues came up as they always do, whether it was a minor decision to be made or a super important decision, it was always brought to our attention up front so that we would make the right choices. The guys are energetic not lazy so there was no such thing as cutting corners. Ben and George do beautiful work and customer satisfaction is a must. We are so very happy and thankful! We will surely contact BLC Remodeling in the near future for our next project.
    Isaac Lo
    Isaac Lo
    BLC Remodeling did an outstanding job remodeling our master bathroom and updating other two bathrooms. Ben, the co-owner, responded promptly with our request for a bid with a detailed and competitive quote. Ben is very thorough and knowledgeable- he gave great suggestions and came up with creative solutions to accommodate all our requests. His meticulous preparation and attention to detail are obvious in final work. Ben and his team went out of their way to minimize disruptions for our family and the project was completed right on schedule. They exceeded our expectations in every single way! We highly recommend them to anyone who is planning to remodel their home.
    Julie Washburn
    Julie Washburn
    Ben, George, and their team exceeded our expectations in so many ways.  They planned our bathroom remodel collaboratively, giving us ideas and support when we needed it as well as much-appreciated suggestions for saving money on the project.  They began the project earlier than anticipated (!), and they came to our house almost every week day (plus occasional Saturdays).  Every day they maximized the amount of work they could do (often working long hours!).  They completed the project at the estimated amount, and on time.  All changes were discussed clearly with us and in advance of the work.  Best of all, the quality of their craftsmanship was truly excellent:  the electrical work was extremely precise; the tile work was exceptional to the point of being art; and the woodwork, including lots of custom shelving, turned out beautifully.  They even got our 1970's plumbing to cooperate with the new pipes and fixtures!  We couldn't be more thrilled with the results.  It was a privilege to have these wonderful guys working in our house, and we definitely plan to ask them back to remodel the kitchen.
    Bashar Noor
    Bashar Noor
    Impeccable detail and top notch service. From consultation to finished product, BLC Remodeling is always extremely professional, efficient and transparent. With my personal projects and my client's alike, I'd highly recommend them to all, again and again.
    irina hor
    irina hor
    Bogdan did amazing job on redesign and remodeling my kitchen. Recieved lots of compliments. He and his team very reliable, professional, and knowledgable. Definitely would use BLC for any of my remodeling projects that I would have in future and would recommend them for everyone.

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